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  I. basic information of the enterprise

  Maanshan wanma machine tool manufacturing co., LTD is an equipment manufacturing enterprise which designs and manufactures CNC horizontal lathe, general horizontal lathe, vertical machining center, CNC milling and biomass pellet machine as its main products.

  Established in November 2002, the company is a limited liability company established in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise system through enterprise restructuring based on the former maanshan machine tool factory. The company's predecessor is the ma 'anshan general machine tool factory, which was established by the merging of 9419 factory and ma 'anshan machine tool factory.

  At present, the company is a national high-tech enterprise, vice chairman unit and backbone enterprise of anhui machine tool association, a governing unit of China machine tool association, a provincial key export enterprise of mechanical and electrical products, and a provincial labor security integrity unit. Maanshan city is "specialized, fine, special, new" enterprises, the city outstanding contribution enterprises. In 2003, the company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. In 2007, the technical center of the company was identified as the first municipal technical center in maanshan city, and in 2011, it was approved as the engineering technology research center of maanshan CNC lathe by the municipal government.

  The total assets of the company are 126 million yuan, including 46 million yuan of fixed assets and 36 million yuan of net assets. The registered capital is RMB 5 million yuan. There are 24 shareholders, of which 82.6% are held by 5 senior managers, including the chairman. The remaining 19 shareholders, who hold 17.4% of the shares, are the company's middle management and production technical backbone.

  The company has 160 employees, including more than 10 engineers and technicians, and more than 130 technicians. The company has a relatively capable and professional team of mechatronics engineering professionals and a team of skilled and stable technical workers, which has formed a relatively independent product design, manufacturing and process testing capabilities, with a strong manufacturing capacity.

  The company is located in maanshan city economic and technological development zone, close to the maanshan Yangtze river bridge and shanghai-shaanxi expressway export, traffic is very convenient. Under the management of maanshan wanma machine tool manufacturing co., LTD., feida gear factory, and sanhe mechanical and electrical company, two secondary units, respectively, the professional production of gear and the trade of machine tools and accessories.

  The company covers an area of 33317.58 square meters, steel structure factory and office building building area of 15,287.49 square meters. In addition, the company in the downtown business zone has a floor area of 1862.33 square meters of commercial facade.

  The company has more than 300 sets of gold cutting equipment, more than 20 sets of large equipment, mainly including: MS5212×6 meters gantry programmed guide rail grinding 1 set; M50100×6 meters guide rail grinding 2; X2012C× 4m gantry milling 1 set; B2016A×4 m longmen plane 3; B2020×5 m longmen plane; 1 TK6511B CNC horizontal boring and milling machine; 1 XK718A vertical machining center; VMC1060/VMC850 vertical machining center, 1 each; CK5825 CNC vertical car 1; Two C5112 vertical vehicles; 1 set of 180KW ultra-audio quenching equipment; T68 and other types of horizontal boring machine 6; TPX6111B/3 digital display boring machine 1 set. The rest are all kinds of turning, milling, planing, flat grinding, internal and external grinding and other medium-sized metal cutting machine tools, processing means complete. Feida gear factory has more than 30 sets of gear making equipment, such as rolling, inserting, shaving, honing and grinding, etc., which can process all kinds of gears with diameter ganizational below 1000mm and modulus within 16. The company has more than 10 sets of heat treatment equipment, which can complete all kinds of heat treatment processes such as normalizing, aging, salt furnace quenching, high-frequency quenching, carburizing quenching, nitrification, blackening, tempering and so on.

  Ii. Current product information of the company

  The company's leading products include CK800, CK630, CK1100, CK500, CK400 and CK360 series CNC horizontal lathes. VMC600, 650, 850, 1060 series of vertical machining center and CNC milling; CW6180C, CW6163C, CW61110C, CD6250, C6240, C6236 series of horizontal lathe. Has formed the annual output of 1200 machine tools, output value of 100 million production scale. Our products are sold in more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions and more than 30 countries and regions in southeast Asia, South America, North America, Africa and west Asia.

  The CNC rate of the company's products has reached 80%, the main varieties of CNC lathes for a large range of popular CNC, especially the diameter of 630mm and the length of 1.5 meters above the heavy machine tool varieties, currently in China has a high cost performance advantage. CNC lathe and vertical machining center machine technical quality and similar products in shenyang, dalian at the same level, we pay more attention to the details of product characteristics and quality excellence.

  The company's self-developed ZK81212 CNC large roll center hole machine tool was awarded the first set of major technical equipment in anhui province in 2012. In recent years, the company has applied for 12 patents in the research and development process of CNC machine tools and obtained certificates.

  Iii. Future product positioning of the company

  (a), the metal cutting machine tool numerical control, intelligence is the development direction of the industry. The company will realize the full numerical control of the product within 3 years. On the basis of sticking to the heavy CNC lathe with large specifications to do fine and excellent, the research and development of characteristic intelligent composite machining machine tools; In CNC special machine tools will be the existing several types of patented products into a series, promotion and mass production.

  (ii) develop the company into a production base of new energy automobile battery accessories.

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