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Maanshan Nanshi Technology Co.,LTD.


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  Maanshan nanshi technology co. LTD Founded in November 2016, the registered capital of 160 million yuan, the company is located in ma on shan shandong economic and technological development zone south district road 599, the main battery components, battery production equipment, intelligent logistics line, complete sets of equipment, machine tools, auto parts research and development, manufacturing and sales, power battery assembly, tool mould, metallurgy parts manufacturing. It is a national high-tech enterprise. The company has one wholly-owned subsidiary, ma 'anshan wanma machine tool manufacturing co., LTD., and three holding subsidiaries, anhui meimei technology co., LTD., ma 'anshan nanling new energy automotive electric co., LTD., and ma 'anshan nanshijiu technology co., LTD.

  The new energy vehicle power battery parts base project invested by the company covers an area of 213.5 mu with a planned total construction area of 140,000 square meters. The project plans to invest 2 billion yuan to build an international first-class and domestic advanced new energy vehicle power battery outer box production line, integrated cover plate wiring harness assembly production line, intelligent logistics line production line and battery cover plate production line. It is expected to achieve sales revenue of 2.5 billion yuan in the year after production, and annual profit and tax of 250 million yuan.

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Address: no. 599, changshan road, maanshan economic and technological development zone

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